PO CRO Fondo Sociale Europeo
Regione Liguria 2007-2013
Asse IV "Capitale Umano"

R.I.C.E.R.C.A. Project

R.I.C.E.R.C.A. is a project funded under the program PO CRO European Social Fund, Liguria Region 2007-2013 Axis IV " Human Capital " ob . specific l / 6 ,with the involvement of the Ansaldo Foundation and Softeco srl.
The progect started in february 2013, and it lasts for two years.

The goal of the project is the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage represented by the historical industrial archives by increasing the storage capacity, cataloging and searching. The approach identified is to increase the level of description (semantics) of the data to develop strategies for the fruition and marketing of the digital cultural product and to make possible its use to a diverse audience and with different targets.

The project aims to study and develop new modes of access to documentation for end users, which are able to highlight the features of interest, offer significant contextual links and to propose alternative routes of exploration of the content depending on the specific interests of users.

The end result of this research is the study of a technology platform for online consultation of the historical industrial archive, easily accessible and searchable by a variety of users, consisting of a historical industrial archive consists of a storical industrial archive of digital content of the heritage of the Ansaldo Foundation, enriched with semantic information and interactive navigation tools that allow easy access to the data.
A multimedia framework, based on the semantics, support the user during navigation and browsing of the network, in a customized / contextualized way, according to the user's targets.The technology platform will include technological tools for organizing the knowledge contained in the archive, organized according to a well-defined archiving methodology.