PO CRO Fondo Sociale Europeo
Regione Liguria 2007-2013
Asse IV "Capitale Umano"


The goal of the project is the preservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage, represented by business archives resources preserved by Ansaldo Foundation, by improving the capacity of archiving, cataloguing and searching.
In the initial project phase activities focused on the one hand on the status of the Ansaldo Foundation archives and its current management strategy and on the other hand on the most common standard method and tools for archive management and digital access adopted by the international community. It represents the first step to identify a long term strategy to:

The approach identified is to enhance the level of description (semantics) of the data to develop strategies for digital cultural product consuming and marketing for a diverse audience and with different targets. The project aims to identify and implement new ways of accessing resources for the final users, able to highlight semantic aspects of information, make available existing relationships among different documents in the context of interest and finally to propose exploration paths tailored on specific user profiles.